Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Orientation Week

Well what to say....suddenly i feel like blogging. Although it has been a long time but I would like to share my experience about the first week in uni. The day before I was going to register, I really had butterflies in my stomach. Questions going through my mind. Who will my roommate be? Will the people treat me right? However I just left everything to God in prayer. I know He sent me to UKM for a purpose. So the next day, we left from my aunt's house at 10am. We reached the premises of UKM at 11am. It's so near to my aunt's house. When we were reaching to my college my heart starts tumping louder and faster. I got down and took my documents and sat in line. My parents and brother went to get some last minute supplies for me. As I waited in line to register, people talked to me in Mandarin. Luckily I knew a few words but at that time I knew that I had to learn Mandarin fast if not I would have a tough time adjusting for I was a 'banana'. After registration it was up to my room. Man was it far. My room is situated at the highest peak of my college. FYI my college is situated at the highest point of UKM or I can say of Kajang and Bangi. That's why we shout Highlanders to people who are staying in Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub. So my mom and I climbed all the way up. What an exercise. When I reached my room I met my roommate. He is from Penang. Very nice fellow. Always happy. The good thing was that he is a 'banana' just like me. Haha... Anyway we started cleaning the room. Nice room. Only 2 to a room. We had an attached bathroom. That means 2 people share 1 bathroom. So nice. The room was really big and more than I expected. We cleaned and cleaned. Brought stuff from the car to the room. We wanted to take as many things as possible so need not have to go another round for 1 trip to my room is so exhausting. After cleaning, I went out for lunch with my family. after that they dropped me back to my room and they left. Saying goodbye wasn't easy. For now I have to stay alone far from my family. Then I went to my room and slept for awhile. My roommate wasn't in. Didn't know where he went. At 5pm, my college started the orientation programme. We get to know our PCs or Pengatur Cara. Some were friendly, some were not. We learned our college song, college cheer, college everything. We have to always keep our college spirit. They served us dinner and then back to more programmes. We only got to sleep at 2am and had to wake up at 5am the next day. What a tiring week is going to be? Indeed it was tiring. The next two days we woke up at 5. Lined up and off to our own faculty. We had a tour around our faculty, getting to know the lecturers, the lecture halls and all that. Evenings I was chosen to be involved in the Pesta Kebudayaan. It seems every first year who had been involved in any kind of creative arts. I joined the modern music group. I was one of the back-up singers. Well at least you get to know people. It was quite fun. The rest of the time we just played games or icebreakers in our college. On Wednesday night (3rd July 2008), our PCs scolded us, saying that we have no college spirit. So they made a whole lot of drama. Throwing their nametags, riding off on their bikes, trying to scare us. Of course we had to apologise before they become back our PCs. It was really dramatic. Made people cry also. During the night of Pesta Kebudayaan, our group performance was okay la. The sound system was really bad so really can't hear us. Oh well...at least we had fun during the practices. After all that, it was time for Perang DECTAR. It was a yearly affair whereby all the colleges battle it out on who can stay the longest in the DECTAR. Of course we won. We managed to prove to the PCs that we do have our college spirit. The last night, we had a big dinner in our college. We had a performances and guess what I was involved again. This time I had to dance the cha-cha.We only had 3 hours to practice. We did made some errors during the performance but hey in such short time we managed to learn quite fast. After all that, it was finally over. Everyone took pictures with new friends. Everyone was like one big family. The next day everyone slept in until noon for orientation week is over and the real life of univeristy begins.