Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Chilis Again!!!

This is my second time to Chilis in Midvalley and of course it was the best. This time I went with a few other PERKEBians. Two juniors and one fellow mate. This time we were smarter, we ordered 3 things and shared. The portions as usual was huge and it was more than enough. Besides that, we ordered the Tostada Chips which is refillable and so are the drinks. After that, Su Jian joined us for a late night movie. We watched Whiteout and honestly I would not recommend that film unless you really like Kate Beckinsale (I think I spelt her name correctly). The movie is quite slow moving and the ending is very very very disappointing or meaningless. Another show maybe not recommended to watch in the cinema is Pandora...Haha... I watched that too in the cinema. It has a great storyline but a bit confusing. Nice ending though.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Good Break

Wow finally can start blogging again after so long. Things have really gone so crazy in UKM. Never in my life I have so many assignments. The worst part is when you finished one and handed up and the next thing you know is that the lecturer gives you another one. Anyway, the Raya break was really something which I needed. I thank God that I had a wonderful holiday. It even come to a point that I didn't want to come back to uni also...Haha... During the holidays I met up with many of my friends, both church and school. It was really nice to get to meet up with them. The best part was also to meet my parents. Home is still best. During the holidays, I went walking with my mom and her friend. We walked in Polo Ground. While walking we saw many people flying kites and my mom suggested that we buy one and fly one too. Of course we thought it was a joke but I was wrong. My mom was serious so we really did fly a kite. It was so fun. Brings back childhood memories. I flew my first kite when I was 8 with my dad. At that time the kites were made of sticks and plastics and it always get caught up in trees or electric poles. Now kites are made of plastic frames and clothes. It was really fun. never in my life I flew a kite so high. My mom ask me to bring back to uni so that I would fly the kite to distress. So far I only did it once in uni ever since I got back. I guess I'll fly it again when all my assignments are done. Haha...