Thursday, 4 November 2010

After Exams!!!

Yup exams is finally over and that means my first semester has just ended. Exams went by very fast I would say. Imagine I finished all 5 papers in just a week. Although it was tense during the week but I'm happy that it ended early. After my 4th paper, we had a 3 day gap before my last paper. So we went out to catch a movie. We watched 'You Again'. I think it was a very good show. It's super funny and the storyline was good. Great cast and good moral values too. Before the movie we ate dinner in a place called Bayou. Not really nice and super expensive. But the best part of that day was my prayer being answered :p.

The day of my last paper was a day of mix feelings. My last paper was super hard because none of us are confident of our answer. Our lecturer had made us answer in Malay when all our notes was in English. Not only that all our tutorials that we did, we are not sure whether it's correct cause there were neither discussion nor answers given. Anyway, after that stressful paper, we went to celebrate our freedom by going out. First, we went to Shabu Wan in Lot 10 where we ate steamboat until we were super bloated. Next we walked around Bukit Bintang(Pavillion, Fahrenheit 88, Sungei Wang, Times Square). After some window shopping, we decided to watch a movie. So we watched Adele:The Rise Of The Mummy. It was a French show but they dubbed everything in English. It was super funny but the storyline was so-so only. a very short film with a hanging ending. Now it's past 11, we got hungry so we went back all the way to a mamak near uni to have supper. I only reached home at 1am so practically I was out for 12 hours. Two days later, it was another day out. My friends and I went to Neway Karaoke in Cheras and sang till our voices got lost. After that we went to Cheras Pasar Malam. As usual it's super crowded and we tried many things. We walked nearly the whole pasar malam and we got tired, full and broke(usually will spend more in pasar malam). I really had a great day and now I have to pack to go back home. I can't wait to go back. But before I go back, I will be celebrating Deepavali with my cousins in KL. Until then...



Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Yup here's just a random post. Many things I have learned throughout this semester and I just want to ramble it out (honestly because I don't know what to write...haha...) I guess because it's exam time and I'm just letting out my stress in here goes

Lesson 1 : God will always be there whether we like it or not. We can't run away from God. He is always just next to us but whether we listen to Him it's a different story. So I guess it's good to take some time to be still in His presence and surely He will answer you.

Lesson 2 : Family and friends are very important. I really thank God for putting me into this family of mine. I have a great dad, the best mom and a very caring and loving brother. I really thank God for them for always being there for me (financially, spiritually and physically). God always shower me with His love through them. Next, my friends I'm also very grateful. They share our laughter and pain(at times). I really am happy for good house mates. They have always been there for me especially when I'm down. Not forgetting my course mates and church mates. Thank you brother and sisters in Christ.

Lesson 3 : Money isn't everything. I think this whole semester I've been living(too some eyes) very poorly. I have been pinching my money very slowly (mainly because no money). In addition I had to pay my lecturers for notes and also buy books(not cheap..I think my lecturer cheated us...but anyhow may God still bless him). Even though with shortage of funds, I've never been happier. In fact, God has blessed me through many people. I think I learn how to trust God. He will take care of us.

Lesson 4 : I honestly learn to let go or should I say learning to say 'NO' (not 100% but at least learnt and am trying) I guess God has been shaping me and moulding me in university. I thank God for giving opportunities to serve Him and also learn how to balance out my life. I'm also learning that saying 'no' at times is also showing love(spare the rod, spoil the child...hehe...)It is not easy, but I'm learning.

Lesson 5 : Lastly, I think God has blessed me with a lot of things(although I lost things too)I had a great trip in UK and Europe. I had a good semester(although some ups and downs) but clearly He was there. He uplifts me through many verses and songs. I think I learn a lot of new songs this semester...haha...

So in conclusion....I also dunno what to conclude...haha...I really just simply rambling stuff...haha....God is good and He will always be the same yesterday, today and forevermore....
I think I'm like this tree...keep on growing...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Before the Morning

I think this song will be my song for this helped me a lot especially during my hard times. Do reflect on the words. I'm not sure whether the video could be played but here is the listen to it and I hope that you'll be blessed just as much as I am.

Do you wonder why you have to,
feel the things that hurt you,
if there's a God who loves you,
where is He now?

Maybe, there are things you can't see
and all those things are happening
to bring a better ending
some day, some how, you'll see, you'll see

Would dare you, would you dare, to believe,
that you still have a reason to sing,
'cause the pain you've been feeling,
can't compare to the joy that's coming

So hold on, you got to wait for the light
press on, just fight the good fight
because the pain you've been feeling,
it's just the dark before the morning

My friend, you know how this all ends
and you know where you're going,
you just don't know how you get there
so just say a prayer.
and hold on, cause there's good who love God,
life is not a snapshot, it might take a little time,
but you'll see the bigger picture

Once you feel the way of glory,
all your pain will fade to memory
once you feel the way of glory,
all your pain will fade to memory
memory, memory, yeah

Would dare you, would you dare, to believe,
that you still have a reason to sing,
'cause the pain you've been feeling,
can't compare to the joy that's coming

Would dare you, would you dare, to believe,
that you still have a reason to sing,
'cause the pain you've been feeling,
can't compare to the joy that's coming

com'n, you got to wait for the light
press on, just fight the good fight
because the pain you've been feeling,
it's just the hurt before the healing
the pain you've been feeling,
just the dark before the morning
before the morning, yeah, yeah
before the morning

Monday, 18 October 2010

Still learning...

Well I always find it hard or don't really understand why God put me in these type of situation. Is God teaching me patience and self control or teaching me to discipline with love. I always struggle within myself whether to do certain things. As we all know every action will have a reaction and are we ready to face those circumstances. In fact my whole life I have to face with so many types of people. God is really teaching me to love everyone and it's not easy. It can get physically and spiritually draining. I guess I'm still learning and in the process I do hurt people feelings and of course my own feelings. I'm also learning to tolerate. Although people seldom see me angry but I will snap occasionally after my limit(which I'm not sure what my limit is). The thing that I still question God is how do we discipline with love. The Bible always say to love your neighbour as yourself and even to love your enemies. It's not easy. So if I scold someone does that mean I don't love them? But parents scold us to show that the love them. We get scolded so that it will discipline us, to build up our character. Jesus did scold sometimes but did it with love. I guess I'm still learning and it is so so so so hard. I always feel that if I don't yes to people it means that I'm not learning. But many people has told me that sometimes saying no or 'scolding', doesn't mean that you don't love that person but actually we are, to help build up character.

Friday, 15 October 2010

My PERKEB family

Well one semester is about to end. This semester has been a great one. Despite of all the bad things that happen, God still showed Himself to me. As the 'Daddy' of this family, it was really great working and serving this family. I've got to know so many things about this family. About their ups and downs. But most importantly is that God was really the head of this family. I thank God for this wonderful semester that His presence was with us all the time. I also am thankful for my this family. Thanks guys for supporting and also helping. I sure know that God will bless you guys. For now, it's time to focus on my exams...which is like in two weeks how time flies...

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Miracle Suree

It's been one week since my car broke down. The good thing is that it fixed by itself. The night on the way for my exam, my car broke down at the traffic light. Just suddenly everything went down. I could not even start the car after that. Then I thank God for my house mates who lend me their car to drive to exam and they helped me push the car to the petrol station. They even called the mechanic for me but the mechanic could only come in the morning. Well during the exam I was focusing more on the car then my paper. Oh's done anyway. Then the next morning I went with the mechanic to see my car and guess worked!!! The mechanic try to see what's the problem but said there was nothing wrong with it. Everything is fine. So I said what to do now and his statement was just drive la...if break down again then only call...haha...So it's been a week from that day and my car is perfectly fine. Amen!!! I've kind off got tired of fixing my car. ( car is already 13 years old) I pray that the car will last me another 2 years!!!
My faithful car 'Suree'

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Love...What is LOVE? Love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment (according to dictionary). In philosophical context, love is a virtue representing all of human kindness,compassion, andaffection. In the Bible, 2 different Greek words are translated as "love" in the New Testament, and they have more specific meanings than our English word "love."

Agapao (verb) and agape (noun). This is the "Christian love" of the Bible. It means affection, benevolence, good-will, high esteem and concern for the welfare of the one loved. It is deliberate, purposeful love rather than emotional or impulsive love. Almost all of the New Testament references to love are agapao or agape in the original Greek. The King James Version of the Bible sometimes translates agape as "charity," but charity has now taken on the meaning of assistance to the poor rather than benevolent love.

Phileo (verb). This means to love in an impulsive and emotional way. It is seldom used in the Bible, but there is a play on words (lost in English) in John 21:15-17. Jesus says to Peter, "Simon son of John, do you truly love (agapao) me?" Peter answers, "Yes, Lord, you know that I love (phileo) you." Philadelphia is a related word meaning the love of brothers or sisters (e.g.,Romans 12:10). It is often translated "brotherly love."

Now back to myself, how would you know that you really have feelings for that person. Is it just because we're closed? Or because we want attention? Or just peer pressure? Or it's really true? Many I've seen can survive so long. Many were just so called puppy love. So when we pray for the right one from God, how would really know it's from Him. Hmm...many have been praying over me about that since last year. But I do feel a bit weird when I see that someone. Does that mean I like her? Hmm...something to ponder....

So what is love? Well everyone has different view about this. But to me I think the best love is from God. His love never ceases and will never change. The best part is that even though we fail Him, He still loves us the same. In fact, He loved us so much that He even sent His one and only son to die on the cross for our sins (John 3:16). Well who could have ask for more.

Anyway for now I'm clinging to God's love. Because His love is perfect and it will cast out all fear...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Masa Allah

Masa Allah what a nice word to hear. If you join the words and read it goes like this 'masalah'. So every time you are faced with a problem remember that God is there. It's God's time. He cares for us so much even the littlest of details. So whatever problem you faced be it big or small, He still wants us to draw close to Him and trust in Him. This whole week has been a hectic one for me. As the semester is ending soon, lecturers have been giving many last minute work like assignments and lab reports. Not only that, my car broke down again. Oh well, I guess it was a test of faith. The miraculous thing is that my car got fixed by itself. Thank You Lord. I hope and pray that the car is completely heal. I now know that God was trying to answer my prayer. I just need to depend in Him. Even though I may not be a good Christian but that doesn't mean that God loves me less. He loves everyone the same which is a whole lot.

Friday, 1 October 2010


Well a lot of people has been asking me am I that busy. Well in fact I'm also not sure why am I so packed with things...haha...But I would admit that I am busy. I guess because it's approaching end of semester and many assignments and replacement lab have pretty much filled up my time. Not only that, my CF is about to end which means many things have to be done. I guess I just want to take a rest. Not really burning out but just tired. Well today had a been a good reminder by my friends and leaders. I should take a break but just for a while and focus back on God. In Him will I find my source of strength. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and surely He will bless me. Thank You, Lord for the reminder.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Mooncake Festival

Just had a great dinner party with my house mates a few friends. We just celebrated mooncake festival. We had pasta, chips and salsa, mash potatoes, longan, tong yuin, watermelons and of course mooncake. Although our dinner menu seems to be more western than oriental but who cares. The tong yuin we filled it up with chocolate and peanut butter spread. It was really nice. The mash potatoes were awesome. It had potatoes with ham and cheese crust...yum...My house mate is a really good cook. He even made the salsa with mangoes, cucumber and tomatoes. It was really good. Everyone enjoyed the food and the fellowship was great. Good time to relax for a while for I have two exams tomorrow. One in the morning and one at night. The morning exam I'm most afraid of because I really not sure what is coming out and although it's open book I didn't even buy the was too expensive...Anyway, i'm just going to lean on God and trust Him...
Good friends, Great taste
Cheese crusted mash potatoes...
Star-shaped Tong Yuin
Other stuffed Tong Yuin

Monday, 20 September 2010

Dreams and Sleepless Night

Well holidays are over and back to hectic life. The holidays have been good. I had a great time with my family and friends. Most of all, God spoke to me about the same thing within these past two weeks and yet I still feel I never practice it. Been having a lot of strange dreams. Some are really good and some are neither good nor bad. I really hope that the good dreams do come true. For example, my 13 year-old car will be miraculously be repaired and I don't have to send it to the mechanic. I'm really clinging to God's promise and I proclaim that the dream will come true. I had a dream that I was driving my car and nothing seems to be wrong with it. Amen!!! Anyhow, my first day back to uni and I can't sleep. Is it because of all the chinese tea I drank during dinner or maybe there's a fear within me that's keeping me up. I also don't know what I'm scared of. Anyway, this coming week is going to be one hectic week but I know God will give me strength and peace needed to go through with it. Still...why can't I sleep....

Friday, 17 September 2010

Worship God 2010

Just got back from an awesome worship concert. It was led by True Worshippers, a very famous Christian Indonesian band. The Worship God 2010 is actually a 3 days conference but I only went for the night concert. Tomorrow night is the second night concert which will be led by GMB (another Indonesian band) but I can't go. Anyway, I was so happy that I went tonight. God really spoke to me. I had been feeling lost these few days. Trying to figure out whether is God still listening to me or am I still being a good child of His. Tonight's worship He really spoke to me not only through the songs but also spoke to me with His own words. I really thank God for answering prayers. The thing that really spoke to me the most was that He loves me and everybody so much. God truly love us regardless of what we've done or where we've been. He always picks us up when we fall down and He will always shelter us through the storm. God is always there. Whenever we feel that we've done something wrong, God will still love us. Thank you Lord for your unconditional love to me. Here is one of the songs that really spoke to me tonight...


Verse 1:
It doesn't matter where I run, You're there for me
It doesn't matter what I've done Your love's for me
You wipe away the tears, You lift me when I fall
My life is safe by the mercy of Your grace

Verse 2:
It doesn't matter where I go, You walk with me
It doesn't matter when I fall, You cover me
You wipe away the tears, You lift me when I fall
My life is safe by the mercy of Your grace

You are my Father, Provider
You're my Deliverer
Your mercies embrace me, surround me
Through Your everlasting love
Father I worship You
Father I worship You

And Your love is for me
And Your love is for me
And Your love is forever, do listen to it. It will really speak to you...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

This year Raya I celebrated with my family and my uncle and aunt in Rasa. First time holidays, I'm not going back to Ipoh...sad eh...but really had a good time with my family. They came down to my bro's place. My aunt made chicken curry and rendang with was super nice...For those who do not know family is quite a 1 Malaysia. I get to celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali(my uncle married a Malay and my another aunt married an Indian). Therefore I get to savour all the different traditional food...hehe...My parents were down here for the weekend and I'll stay here until after holidays...Really miss my hometown though but I really enjoyed the Raya holidays here. Got to eat a lot of great food...
Chicken Rendang

Curry Chicken

The famous Ulu Yam 'Loh Mee'

Meehoon Pork

Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Day Out

Had a great day yesterday. Went out from afternoon to late night. I had a great time watching movie, hanging out with friends and also singing karaoke with my bro and friends. It was quite a tiring day but it was just to relax and enjoy everyone's company. Step Up 3 was super super good (highly recommended if you like dancing shows). The story line wasn't that great but the dance moves were super awesome. I hope to learn the dances in the movie (won't be background in break dancing or any dance at all...hehe...) Karaoke session was good but tiring. We sang for 6 hours and it was just the 5 of us. It was expensive though because it was night session and they offered free buffet dinner (the food was actually very good), so we ate our money's worth. We really ate and sang our hearts out. We really let go of everything and just had fun (singing and dancing, jumping and screaming...haha...). Now I'm back in my bro's house in Rasa. Can't wait to see my family tomorrow as they will be coming here as well. We will surely have a lovely holiday...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Letters to God

Well just watched a movie called 'Letters to God' with my house mate. It was really nice and touching. The movie was about a young cancer boy who touched many people lives. It's based on a true story. I guess I learned to keep on hoping and believe that God does answers prayers. We just have to put our faith on Him. Actually I learned a lot from this movie and crazy enough I want to start to write letters to God. I guess I should start back my journaling....hmmm....anyway awesome movie. Highly recommended.


I went to Singapore with my mom and bro during the recent Merdeka Holidays. My bro had planned this trip since last year. It was really nice and for my mom it was a first time since 20 years ago. So for her it was really new. My bro and I took her everywhere, from Orchard Road to East Coast Road, from Sentosa Island to Suntec City. We tried every mode of transportation, from flying to trains to bus to walking. We really walked a lot and seen a lot of things. In short it was a good holiday break for all 3 of us. Universal Studio was really nice too, we spent one whole day there and the rides were awesome. We had really good food too, first time I ate their Hokkien Mee. So different from back home in Malaysia. We also got to attend New Creation Church pastored by Pst Joseph Prince. Well we went for my mom wanted to go and so happen Darlene Zschech came to worship lead. Man it was awesome and God spoke to me too. It did open my mind to think differently for something. All in all it was an awesome holidays though at times we got lost...haha...Now we are dreaming and planning big. We are hoping to go for a UK and Europe Holiday together as a family by the time I graduate. Will have to start praying now (not to forget to start saving money)
Universal Studio
Hokkien Mee...mmm....
My mom and I
My mom, bro and me...hehe...
Marina Bay Sands aka the 'Ark'(the new casino)


Venice (Italy)
Well this was my last stop of my Europe trip. I think I spent too long here for there was practically nothing to do here. All you see is water and tiny bridges, gondalas and buildings on water. I guess for a while you kind off get bored with the surroundings. The plus side was the food. The food is damn good and cheap whether you convert it or not. I got to see a play that tells about the history of Venice. It was very interesting. But I really feel that 3 days here will be too boring...the weather is so hot unlike the other European countries.
Venice river
One of the tiny bridges

Interlaken (Switzerland)
Interlaken is a very nice place to relax. It has beautiful mountains surrounding a very crystal clear blue lake. From here you should know that the sceneries will be beautiful and indeed it was. I did go up to the Alps and finally touch snow for the first time (I think it's snow...looks like shave ice to me). The Alps was super cold though, but I really enjoyed it. In short, Interlaken is a nice place to relax but if you want to try to do extreme activities like bungee jumping, sky diving and many more....this is the place.

Paris (France)
Paris the city of love...or so as they say...I think it's just okay. Quite a lovely place to walk around and enjoy the lovely weather. The famous Lourve Museum was super huge and nice. At least I got to see the famous Mona Lisa painting although it was from far. Also got to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame plus a few other famous buildings (which I forgot the name by now...haha...) The best part of Paris for me was of course going to Paris Disneyland. It has really been a dream come true although I prefer to go to the US one but at least is better than nothing. Food especially cheese here is truly awesome.

Notre Dame
Eiffel Tower
Paris Disneyland

Saturday, 21 August 2010

UK (London and Oxford)

I think most of you already know that the last holidays I had a great trip to UK. The best part was it was fully-sponsored but I did have to come out with a little bit on my own. Nevertheless it was really a great opportunity. I had always dreamt of going overseas and it really came true. Honestly speaking when I heard that I got the opportunity it was too good to be true. I thought was like in a dream or something. Anyway, I spent 10 days in UK(5 days in London and 5 days in Oxford). The real purpose of this trip was actually to do a research on behalf of my university. I had the opportunity to go to Oxford University for the research.

Well the first 5 days was spent in London. I went to all the famous attractions like Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament and many more. I actually enjoyed myself there especially the weather. The weather is like Genting Highlands but more colder, so it was nice to walk. The public transport in London is super convenient unlike here, the trains are on time. I also learnt a lot of stuff like the famous London bridge is actually known as Tower Bridge and Big Ben is not the clock tower but the bell inside it. Besides London, I also took a boat to Greenwich to see(touch) the Meridian Greenwich Line. Honestly, I don't really see what the big hoohaa about this. So many people flock to this place just to take picture of a gold line on the floor(but I'm also 1 of those people..haha..)I also walked along West End Street and wanted to catch a musical so badly but my other team members are not fond of it. They are more interested in shopping. Anyway, I'm hoping that I can come back to catch at least one musical.
Meridian Greenwich line
Tower Bridge(Thames River)
Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Royal Albert Hall

the next 5 days I was in Oxford. Oxford is actually a small town and it represents the whole of Oxford University. Oxford University has 37 colleges scattered around the town so there is no set boundary of the university. The town looks a lot like the scenes in Harry Potter films(which of course they filmed some parts of the show here). In Oxford I spent most of time interviewing administration staff, principles, lecturers, tutors and also talking to the students for my research. It really broaden my mindset on Oxford. I was thought that students will be studying 24/7 but in fact they have the same student life as us here in Malaysia. Doing assignments in wee hours of the morning and spending most of their time hanging out with friends(typical student life). The most fascinating about the university is their tutorial system. One tutor has only maximum 4 students. Unlike us, one tutor has 30 over students. The environment is also suitable to study. I guess because of the weather and the rustic setting. However, after a while I got kind of bored looking at brown-brick buildings.
College gardens

Dining Hall