Monday, 31 August 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Today our beloved country celebrate its 52 years of independence. Happy birthday Malaysia. I can't believe it that Malaysia is 52 years old. I thought after living together for 52 years, we all would change our mindsets. However, sadly enough we still stereotype our neighbours based on their skin colour, religion and status. How can we live as one nation when we are all trying to outdo each other or trying to get rid of each other. In my school days(make me sound so old..haha...) my friends and I could get along very well. No such things as Malays, Chinese or Indians. We were Malaysians. We played galah panjang, football, aci duduk, ice and water and all the games kids usually play. We couldnt be bothered on what race or religion, we just played and have fun. But nowadays, times have changed. I guess the advancement in technology has changed the mindsets of people. Children rather spend time on their computer than playing with their neighbours and friends. In uni, people usually hang out with their own race only. This really was a big culture shock for me. A lot of my coursemates felt weird of me that I mix with other races. Is that a crime? I've been raised like that. Besides, we are Malaysians, not Malays, Chinese and Indians. What about our East Malaysian friends? People tend to brush them off aside thinking that they are not bright or slow. I know I'm kind off criticizing Malaysia right now, but don't get me wrong. I still am proud to be a Malaysian. It's just that these are issues that are yet to be settled then in the past and now in the present. As we celebrate our 52 years of independence, let us reflect back on how our unity got us thus far. Let us stop trying to win each other but work together towards Vision 2020. We should continue to live in harmony and respect one another. We must remember that we are Malaysians, 'Satu bangsa, Satu Negara' MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

40 Days Fast and Prayer

The whole 40 days fast and prayer for our nation is coming to an end. This is my first time which I'd fasted facebook. a thousand apologies for people who have invited me to events and added me as a friend. These 40 days have been a blessing to me and I hope that I would learn to fast and pray even more. As we have prayed for our nation, I'm sure that God hears our prayers and will heal our land. As long as we continue to intercede for our nation, God will continue to shower His blessings upon this nation. Last Thursday, my CF had Hari Doa (Prayer Day). We gathered all Christians in UKM to pray for ourselves, our uni and also for our nation. It was really a powerful night and I know that our prayers would be answered. Yesterday night we had a combine churches prayer meeting. Congregation from all churches in Kajang gathered to pray for our country. It was really good. I would like to post a picture which I took at my church. it's a painting done by an Israelian. There was no theme. He said it was up to us on how to interpret it. So I would like you all to interpret it in your own way. There's no right or wrong answers. Your interpretation need not to biblical too. Just only what you see and what's impressed in your heart. Hehe...

Roller Coaster Ride

Wow just realise that I've not been blogging for quite some time. Been quite busy with I'm not sure what. I myself am not really sure what happen to all my free time. The first batch of assignments are due this week so it's crunch time again. My labs for one subject is done only 2 more labs to go I think. Just when you thought that the assignments period had ended, I thought wrong. Next week is my mid sem exams and the second batch of assignments has just come in and is piling up. The whole week has been a emotional rollercoaster for me. At the first day of the week, my bro told me some bad news. Then just when I finish talking to him, my mom called and told me to pray for a problem. During the week, a friend of mine was having an up and down crisis. One minute that person is scolding and blaming me. Then the next minute it was like nothing ever happen. Now at the end of the week, we are no longer speaking to one another and I really dont know why. But I would like to ask for your help in prayer and also in suggestions. I really cant do this own my own. I was so hurt with things that the person had said and I know that we should no take things to our hearts but I just cant help it. How can someone blame you for things you've never even done. And all the times I've been helping out that person. I sometimes just want to tell that person off but I scared that it will hurt that person feelings. I just feel that it is very unfair to the rest of us who have been caring and helping for that person and in the end get shoot back at. Anyway, I really dont know what to do. All I can do is being reminded to continue to pray for that person and myself. SO WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Am I too kind/naive that people always take advantage of me? Why do I always have to face people like this(for this is not my first time)? Is God trying to teach me something from this? So many questions are running through my head. I hope and pray that someone can help me in my dillema. I know at the end God will be there for me and I know that His love will never fail.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Freshies In Sovereign Hand (F.I.S.H)

Just last Friday, my church cell group organized an event for the first years. It was an evangelistic event for first years. However, there were more second year than first years. Nevertheless, the main purpose of this event was to share the love of Christ to our friends. We had testimonies, presentations and games. The most important was that we had food. Free dinner for everyone who came. Haha... The event was a success and we hope that the friends we had brought would continue to open up their hearts. Thank you Lord for making it a success...

New Tune Intro Night

New tune is a chinese club for creative arts(singing, musicians and dancing). I'm not a member but I was asked to help play a few songs for them. They were lacking in musicians and since the president is Edmund(my good friends since childhood) asked me too, I helped out. I only went for practice like two times which was like two days before the event. This intro night is to introduce this club to the first years that just came in to uni. However all the songs that were sung/played are chinese songs. There was only 2 english songs out of the 10. The songs were actually nice and some of the songs were written by the seniors of the club. The whole night was great except of the sound system. The sound system was very bad. Nevertheless, it came to a success. Really enjoyed myself...


This sem I've 14 labs to do. Every week at least I have 2 labs. The lab reports have to hand in at least 3 days to one week after we've done the experiment. The labs this year are quite interesting. Finally we get to do surveying which is quite tiring and tedious but yet fun. Our environment lab let us test how clean our Faculty lake is. To my surprise the water in the lake is as clean as distilled water. Can you imagine that? The lake water is brown in colour and yet when we test is super clean. It's safe to drink and swim in it. I guess the phrase don't judge a book by it's cover is really proven. The other labs are for fluid mechanics which we experiment about water pressure in pipes and weirs(dams). All in all the labs are really fun but the reports are madness. So many graphs and calculations to do. Luckily we always manage to finish on time. Thank God!!!
Reflux for 2 hours
This chemicals is added and then titrated to test the Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD)

Land Surveying

The 2nd Saga Continues....

Wow...I've not been blogging for more than a month already. Well...I guess I can only say that I'm busy again. Busy with activities and assignments. nothing surprising for me...haha...It's my life I guess. As I begin my second year, many things have changed. Firstly, I'm a senior now...feel so old like that...haha...I thought when I get my new room I would be staying in the senior block whereby is a single room..However, I got back my old block when I was first year. Very happy even though I'm staying withh 2 roommates so that means there's 3 of us in the room. The room here is bigger than the room I stayed in my 3rd sem. The best thing is that it is so much cooler...most important..haha...My classes are pretty hectic since I have classes from Monday to Saturday and no breaks in between the week. Well I guess it helps me save money since I wont be able to go out that often...haha...This 2nd year I'm finally learning about my civil and environment engineering. So now I really know what civil engineers do..haha...