Saturday, 19 September 2009

Signal Error

Do people get the wrong signals about me when I'm being too good or kind too people? Why do people think that I'm interested in someone when I treat everyone the same? I always treat everyone nicely. I do tend to give in to people which I'm trying to learn to say no. By being kind, is that giving the wrong signals? Does that mean that I'm interested in that person? I really dont know what to do? Thanks for the comments to ask me to be myself. But when I'm being myself people may tend to get the wrong signals. So how do I get to be myself? If I set boundaries also, people will complain why I'm acting cold. I'm so lost. Really never felt like this before. Now sometimes it's so hard to be myself.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Too Kind or Too Cold

This thing has been in my mind for a very long time now. It seems very hard to differentiate them. To all who know me, am I too kind or too cold? Do tell me please so that I could change myself. I've always been friendly to people that people sometimes tell me not to be too kind. If I'm too kind people may tend to take advantage of me. So they said I should set some boundaries. But when I did that, now people saying that I'm too cold. So what should I do? When I give in to people, they said I'm being too kind. When I set certain boundaries, they said I'm too cold. So how would I know what's the difference. How can I balance the two? I don't want to be cold and also not too kind until people take advantage of me. Or should I just let be? Just continue to be old happy-go-lucky self. I need your help. Am I too kind or being too cold?

God's Many Blessings

Just last Wednesday I fell sick again. In the midst of my mid sem I fell sick. Seems to be the same every year..oh well. However, God has been faithful and He showered many blessings upon me. I came down with a flu, fever and a cough. All symptoms of H1N1. At first, I was scared. Many thoughts came through my mind. But at the back of my head I know that God will heal and protect me. Thank God is not H1N1. Just a common flu. But God bless me with many good friends. They bless me with food, fluids and medication. Too much food in fact. It can help me keep myself full for many days. Thank you all. By Friday, my fever was gone and now only left with a stuffed nose..hehe...God's promises never fails...Amen!!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Michael Learns To Rock Concert

Last weekend I got to go for the MLTR concert in Gentings. Man it was a good show. The band sang most of their old songs and some brand new songs. The nicer part was when they sang the older songs...hehe... But we had a great time singing and shouting. I went to the concert with my mom, bro, his gf and his friends. The funny part or tense part was when my bro's friend misplaced the ticket. In the end we had to buy new tickets. That thing alone caused my bro and I to fight. Maybe because I was too tired and over excited at the same time. Anyway, we let things settle down and still went for the concert. It was really awesome. I'm still waiting for the pictures taken by my bro's friend cause I don't have a digital camera so could only take pictures from afar(phone camera). The band still can play and sing. I wonder why they call themselves Michael Learns To Rock when there is no member named Michael and most of their songs are slow romantic songs and only 1 rock song...haha...anyway it was good to hear their classic songs like 'Paint My Love' and 'Sleeping Child'. All in all it was a good concert. Besides the cool breeze in Gentings was also good enough...