Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Singapore Trip

Just two weeks ago I went to Singapore. The best part is I went there in the midst of my exams. My first paper was on the 3rd and I went to Singapore on the next day. Came back on Friday which is a day before my next paper. Haha... I was really so excited to be going to Singapore. I went there with my brother. This is my second time going to Singapore but I would rather say that it was my first for I've never been to Singapore since I was 3. So I really don't remember anything. We left from Bangsar at 2.30pm and arrived at Novena Shooping Centre, Singapore by 8.00pm. It was really a long bus ride but the personal TV in the bus made the time fly fast. I managed to watch 3 movies in a row in the bus. When we arrived, my brother's friend, Kenny picked us up and we had dinner at a place called BaliThai. It serves Indonesian food as well as Thai food. The best part was it was a buffet. So we really ate a lot. Haha... After that Kenny took us to the famous Changi International Airport. It was really huge. They have 3 terminals and to get to one terminal to another you can sit the train. I also saw the first time in my life an automatic drinking fountain. You just stand near it and the censor will detect and woala water comes out. Really cool.. Later on we went back to the house to rest. The next day we woke up late so we straight away had lunch. Another buffet. Really nice. First time too I saw or heard such thing as Durian pudding. Although I really don't like durian I had to taste a little bit. The buffet had Japanese food, Nonya food, Western food, Chinese food and so on. When we were full already we walked around the shopping centres. A few actually. I can't really remember the names. Only 1 Raffles Shopping Centre I think. There was an underground shopping mall which links another shopping mall to another one. Singapore does have a lot of shopping malls. Then we went a little sight seeing. We went to the Marina Barage. It just opened. It's a new resouvoir which the Singapore government build just in case Malaysia stop sending them water supply. So the view was really nice and that place was really windy. It felt like you were on a deck of a ship. Next on the agenda was ice cream. Kenny took us to a place call Ice cream Chef whereby you get to choose your own ice cream flavour and your own fillings. Boy was there a lot of fillings to choose from. From oreos to fruit loops, from snicker bars to m & m. The ice cream was really lovely. That night my brother and I went to watch a musical called Avenue Q. Actually this was the real reason why we went to Singapore. It was really funny and what we expected. After the musical we went to a place called Brewersky whereby they brew their own beer. But we went there for the food. Man was it nice and huge. It's just like Chillis in Malaysia. To end the night we went walking around Clarke Quay (like Bintang Walk). Really a place full of lights and people. Pubs, discos and restaurants bloomed there. The next day, we were on a art frenzy. I've no idea why Singapore was so into art these days. So went went to a few art museum trying to understand the concepts. Some we could get it, some we could not. Maybe we are not really art lovers. later in the evening, I finally got to see my extended family in Singapore. I've not met them before, not even once. Heard of them from my mom but never seen them. They are my mom's cousins which make them my aunts. They are all so nice. They took us out for dinner and I got to play with my niece. She's so cute. Haha... That night I got to see the famous Merlion. You know the white lion that spits out water. There's actually nothing grand about it but I really liked the view at night at the harbour. You could see the whole city of Singapore from there. You could see the Esplanade, the Marina Barage, City hall, 5 star hotels, the sea, the Eye on Singapore any many high-rise buildings. Then it was end of the day. The next morning we went to eat at Carls Jr. Really different from Malaysia's outlet. They have a breakfast menu which was really good. After a heavy breakfast we headed back to Novena Square to catch our bus back to Bangsar. I really enjoyed my trip and am looking forward to go back again. There's still place that I want to vist like Sentosa island and he Toy museum. Maybe will go back during Christmas season whereby the whole city would be filled with twinkling lights and lots of Christmas decorations.

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE

Finally i can get back online. It's been a while. Connection in uni really is very bad. But at least I'm grateful that I can come online for a while sometimes. Anyway, two Sundays ago (2 November) I went for a play done by the Footstool Players. The title was Crazy Little Thing Called Love. I really enjoyed it. The Footstool Players is a touring theatre company that explores the themes of love, courtship, marriage and family in a collection of comedic and dramatic sketches highlighting the issues pertaining to relationships. It was really good. You'll definitely laugh, cry and discover things through the sketches. Well I know it's a little bit late but you can still catch them on the 6 - 16 November 2008 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. Ticket price is RM20 for students. I hope if you've got the time then I fully recommend it.