Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Sleepless night

Last night or should I say this morning, I couldn't sleep at all. Thus, resulting that I didn't sleep the whole night. Yup I was actually awake for more than 24hours. This thing happens to me occasionally and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I had teh tarik at night before going to bed. The last time that this thing happened to me was last year where I was up the whole night thinking for a theme for MK09. This time I tried to put myself to sleep by studying but it didnt work. So I stayed up all night reading books and watching movies. I got bored but not tired. I thank God that I dont have exam today if not i'm going to the price for it. I was so bored that I actually took pictures for the sun to rise. Haha....

4.30am (barely can see anything)

5.30am (can see the tree a bit)

6.30am (the sun is up)

7.30am (the sun is in the horizon)

8.30am (the sun is up in the sky, shining so brightly)


Amanda Chung said...

u had one sleepless night, i been sleepless night for days or weeks...T.T my eyes are killing me =(

erictbk said...

LOL... exam stress isit?

Amanda Chung said...

his biological clock gone crazy...wakakaka