Saturday, 4 April 2009


Today I finally managed to meet up with my Ipoh church friends. It was so nice to meet each other and update the happenings of our individual lives. I really miss my friends back in Ipoh. Although some of us are in Selangor, we rarely even meet each other. So it was really good that we finally could meet each other. We met in Midvalley and walked around shop by shop for 7 hours. Then we had lunch and dinner together. Legs were paining but I really enjoyed myself. Friends are really very important. They are the ones that will have your back and will be there to cheer you up when you're down. I really will remember all my friends and the experiences that we faced together. God really blessed me many good friends. Thank you all my friends for everything...


Eunice said...

yeah!! it was really great that we could meet up in on my blog already.. =)

hope to have another outing like this again SOON..! thanks for everything =D

Caryn said...

yyaay! YEA!
glad we were able to meet up and just hang out = D