Saturday, 2 May 2009

Internet Connection Breakdown

Yup it's been a long time since I blogged. What to do...very bad internet connection in uni. Not that stable and the worst part is we still have to pay the wireless fees whether we use it or not. This whole month has been a busy month eventhough it's the last month of my second semester. Rushing to finish 2 assignments which lecturers gave very last minute. The assignment was supposed to be given one month before exams but instead they gave only a two weeks before exam. One of those week was my study break. Since I decided to go back to Ipoh during my study break I had to finish the assignments in one week. Thank God for His grace and mercy for giving me good teammates and good friends to help me. The first assignment was the worst. Imagine we had to design a circuit for a traffic light system in a cross-junction. It really was not easy for me since I'm going to study civil which will use less electric knowledge but anyhow after sleepless nights I managed to finish. The other assignment was quite easy for it was just calculations on thermodynamics. But that whole week made me realise how wonderful and awesome God can be. He helped me through it all. Thank you Lord!!!

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