Sunday, 25 April 2010

Goodbye, Sayonara, Adios, Schuss, Selamat Tinggal!!!

Goodbye is a word that people always use as an acknowledgement when parting. Most of times we say this knowing well that we'll meet again the next day or the next week. But some goodbyes are so hard to say. I think I'm going to sound so emo...haha...Did you know that goodbye actually means 'God be with you'. Suddenly I'm blogging about this is because my seniors are graduating. After so long building the friendship it's time to say goodbye. It's the same feeling when I left for university. I had to say goodbye to close friends and knowing that we may never meet as often again. But I always thank God for all these people. Each person that I know have made an impact and left footprints in my life that I will cherish forever. I guess that's life. We need to move on and continue to impact different people in our lives. We should be a blessing to everyone. So I'm here to say thank you to all my friends and seniors who are graduating. I'm sure going to miss you guys but I know that we will meet again someday. Do keep in touch...hehe...And here's to all my friends, remember to cherish everyone that comes into your life. Live life to the fullest, loving everyone regardless of race, creed or status. Life is really too short to be complaining all the time but it's time to be thankful and be appreciative.

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~eRiC~ said...

haha, on first look at your title i thought u are really going to say goodbye to the blogging world