Wednesday, 21 April 2010

To Continue or Not???

Wow it's been months since I last blog. Sorry for MIA from the blogger world but I guess I got kind off frustrated with the internet line and editting the pics. Besides that, I got lazy...haha...I wonder how you bloggers can keep on going. I guess you must have the passion. Like what the title says, I'm not sure to continue blogging or to stop. Sometimes I do feel like blogging but sometimes I don't. Anyway, there's tons of things to update. Many things and new experience happen this semester. Firstly, I had a new environment to stay (I moved out of college), made a lot of new friendship bonds (but lost some old ones), got some new responsibilities (but do feel stress about it but I think I can do it), had very interesting subjects and labs (the reports were very long though) and also went and going to a lot of new places. Besides that, the car has been serving its purpose and not giving and problems. Thank God. I also encountered a lot of 'first time' for me (if you want to know then ask me personally...hehe...). I guess many things had happened in this past semester and I'm going to expect more happenings in the next half year. I guess God will continue to teach me stuff and wants me to grow. Not only that, I know that He'll always be there for me. Now should I continue to blog again....hmmm....

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~eRiC~ said...

yes you should!! leave this page here... no harm.. just come dropa few words whenever u feel like it... look at my blog berhabuk dy, dont have the drive to keep me blogging as used to have...hah
ok, when will u be free?! i want to know your many first times... hahaha