Saturday, 21 August 2010

UK (London and Oxford)

I think most of you already know that the last holidays I had a great trip to UK. The best part was it was fully-sponsored but I did have to come out with a little bit on my own. Nevertheless it was really a great opportunity. I had always dreamt of going overseas and it really came true. Honestly speaking when I heard that I got the opportunity it was too good to be true. I thought was like in a dream or something. Anyway, I spent 10 days in UK(5 days in London and 5 days in Oxford). The real purpose of this trip was actually to do a research on behalf of my university. I had the opportunity to go to Oxford University for the research.

Well the first 5 days was spent in London. I went to all the famous attractions like Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, House of Parliament and many more. I actually enjoyed myself there especially the weather. The weather is like Genting Highlands but more colder, so it was nice to walk. The public transport in London is super convenient unlike here, the trains are on time. I also learnt a lot of stuff like the famous London bridge is actually known as Tower Bridge and Big Ben is not the clock tower but the bell inside it. Besides London, I also took a boat to Greenwich to see(touch) the Meridian Greenwich Line. Honestly, I don't really see what the big hoohaa about this. So many people flock to this place just to take picture of a gold line on the floor(but I'm also 1 of those people..haha..)I also walked along West End Street and wanted to catch a musical so badly but my other team members are not fond of it. They are more interested in shopping. Anyway, I'm hoping that I can come back to catch at least one musical.
Meridian Greenwich line
Tower Bridge(Thames River)
Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Royal Albert Hall

the next 5 days I was in Oxford. Oxford is actually a small town and it represents the whole of Oxford University. Oxford University has 37 colleges scattered around the town so there is no set boundary of the university. The town looks a lot like the scenes in Harry Potter films(which of course they filmed some parts of the show here). In Oxford I spent most of time interviewing administration staff, principles, lecturers, tutors and also talking to the students for my research. It really broaden my mindset on Oxford. I was thought that students will be studying 24/7 but in fact they have the same student life as us here in Malaysia. Doing assignments in wee hours of the morning and spending most of their time hanging out with friends(typical student life). The most fascinating about the university is their tutorial system. One tutor has only maximum 4 students. Unlike us, one tutor has 30 over students. The environment is also suitable to study. I guess because of the weather and the rustic setting. However, after a while I got kind of bored looking at brown-brick buildings.
College gardens

Dining Hall

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