Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Venice (Italy)
Well this was my last stop of my Europe trip. I think I spent too long here for there was practically nothing to do here. All you see is water and tiny bridges, gondalas and buildings on water. I guess for a while you kind off get bored with the surroundings. The plus side was the food. The food is damn good and cheap whether you convert it or not. I got to see a play that tells about the history of Venice. It was very interesting. But I really feel that 3 days here will be too boring...the weather is so hot unlike the other European countries.
Venice river
One of the tiny bridges

Interlaken (Switzerland)
Interlaken is a very nice place to relax. It has beautiful mountains surrounding a very crystal clear blue lake. From here you should know that the sceneries will be beautiful and indeed it was. I did go up to the Alps and finally touch snow for the first time (I think it's snow...looks like shave ice to me). The Alps was super cold though, but I really enjoyed it. In short, Interlaken is a nice place to relax but if you want to try to do extreme activities like bungee jumping, sky diving and many more....this is the place.

Paris (France)
Paris the city of love...or so as they say...I think it's just okay. Quite a lovely place to walk around and enjoy the lovely weather. The famous Lourve Museum was super huge and nice. At least I got to see the famous Mona Lisa painting although it was from far. Also got to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame plus a few other famous buildings (which I forgot the name by now...haha...) The best part of Paris for me was of course going to Paris Disneyland. It has really been a dream come true although I prefer to go to the US one but at least is better than nothing. Food especially cheese here is truly awesome.

Notre Dame
Eiffel Tower
Paris Disneyland

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