Thursday, 4 November 2010

After Exams!!!

Yup exams is finally over and that means my first semester has just ended. Exams went by very fast I would say. Imagine I finished all 5 papers in just a week. Although it was tense during the week but I'm happy that it ended early. After my 4th paper, we had a 3 day gap before my last paper. So we went out to catch a movie. We watched 'You Again'. I think it was a very good show. It's super funny and the storyline was good. Great cast and good moral values too. Before the movie we ate dinner in a place called Bayou. Not really nice and super expensive. But the best part of that day was my prayer being answered :p.

The day of my last paper was a day of mix feelings. My last paper was super hard because none of us are confident of our answer. Our lecturer had made us answer in Malay when all our notes was in English. Not only that all our tutorials that we did, we are not sure whether it's correct cause there were neither discussion nor answers given. Anyway, after that stressful paper, we went to celebrate our freedom by going out. First, we went to Shabu Wan in Lot 10 where we ate steamboat until we were super bloated. Next we walked around Bukit Bintang(Pavillion, Fahrenheit 88, Sungei Wang, Times Square). After some window shopping, we decided to watch a movie. So we watched Adele:The Rise Of The Mummy. It was a French show but they dubbed everything in English. It was super funny but the storyline was so-so only. a very short film with a hanging ending. Now it's past 11, we got hungry so we went back all the way to a mamak near uni to have supper. I only reached home at 1am so practically I was out for 12 hours. Two days later, it was another day out. My friends and I went to Neway Karaoke in Cheras and sang till our voices got lost. After that we went to Cheras Pasar Malam. As usual it's super crowded and we tried many things. We walked nearly the whole pasar malam and we got tired, full and broke(usually will spend more in pasar malam). I really had a great day and now I have to pack to go back home. I can't wait to go back. But before I go back, I will be celebrating Deepavali with my cousins in KL. Until then...



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