Monday, 3 January 2011


Well I'm back after MIA for so just to update what I did during my holidays. I'm going to summarize my holidays...haha...For those who know me, I'm always super busy during holidays. Well this time is not that bad. I only went for two camps...haha...instead of 4. Anyway, first week of holidays I celebrated Deepavali with my cousins in KL. It was really a good family reunion. The food of course was awesome. After that, I went back home. When I stepped into my house, the first thing my parents ask me to do was to clean the house. Early spring cleaning before Chinese New Year. Then I had my Committee Planning Retreat for PERKEB for the new semester. I really thank God that we had a good time. It was good to be open with my Committee Members. That was first camp. Then the following week I went for National Conference (NC) organized by FES (Fellowship Evangelical Students). It was a great camp and I get to make new friends. The best part of the camp was God answered many of my prayers. Not only that, some topics was really an eye opener to me. So one of my new year's resolution is to read the newspaper and also to spend time with my Malay friends. After all these camps, I came back home to continue cleaning my house, rearranging furniture, putting up the Christmas tree, helping my mom at the office and of course meeting up with friends. I also skipped one week of class just to celebrate Christmas at home. The other reason was to be a tour guide for my cousins who came down from Singapore. It was really my first time having fresh water prawns in Tanjung Tualang, going to Gua Tempurung and also another cave. Even I was born and raise here in Ipoh, I haven't heard of all these places. In short I had a good long holiday.
National Conference

Fresh Water prawns from Tanjung Tualang

Dunno what's the name already...haha...

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