Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Yup I had a great birthday celebration this year(2010). I got to celebrate my birthday not only with my family and friends but also with 500 people who I just met in camp. In addition, I celebrated my birthday 4 times (all at different dates...but who cares right??). I can't believe it that I'm 22. Still so young...haha...Every year I will have the same feeling. I live the whole year as a 22 year-old but only reached that age at the end of the year. But it doesn't matter. God is still with me and He blessed me throughout the year...hehe...

1st Celebration (1st December)
Well my first celebration was from my brother. He was one of the organizers of the camp and he would not be here on the 2nd so he celebrated for me earlier. He also gave me laptop bag. Now I have ample bags. Thank you Lord for Your blessings.

2nd Celebration (2nd December...actual date)
My second celebration was at camp (National Conference). My room mate found out that it was my birthday and he told my group members. So they announced it during breakfast and the whole crowd sang for me. After that, before one of the session started my CF mates announced again and now 500 campers and organizers sang for me. After session, my new korean friends sang for me in Korean. I am truly grateful. Not only that, my Ipoh friends who also came for camp gave me a birthday cake (Gardenia cupcake...but better than nothing right...haha...) and of course you guess it another birthday song. Never in my life have I gotten so many birthday songs. It was truly a memorable birthday. I also got presents from my CF friends. A book, a bag, a wrist rest thingy, a BEN10 monopoly and a serviette card. Thanks guys...

3rd Celebration (5th December)
This time it was with my parents. My dad spent lunch. We went to a Italian shop (my favourite food). It was our first time there. It's called Sweet Spaghetti Tea Cafe. There was not much customers because it was really pricey. However the food was not bad. I think it's really worth the money. We had spaghetti pizza, salmon pasta and a garden salad. For desert we had Tiramisu cake and a bread pudding. It was really a lovely lunch.

Fresh Garden Salad
Roast Chicken
Salmon Pasta
Spaghetti Pizza
Bread Pudding

4th Celebration (28th December)
My last celebration was with my house mates. After a long break, my semester had started. So my house mates decided to celebrate my birthday because during my birthday it was holidays. They sang birthday song again and they gave me a muffin...haha...at least I get to blow another candle...haha...

My mini Birthday cake

I really had a memorable birthday. I think it was so much better than me 21st birthday. Thank you guys for everything. Love you guys....hehe...

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