Sunday, 4 January 2009

Class Reunion 08

Well holidays came and our classmates got together in Ipoh. We finally can meet up with everyone cause it's holiday for all the universities. We went to a place known as the Kinta Riverfront. It's just beside my school. It was just built. Never knew such things existed. It was a really nice place. Very 'yuppie' I guess but the things there were expensive. A cup of coffee costs RM3. However, the gathering was good. We got to update each other on our lives and how we are coping with uni life. Everyone nearly had the same story. I guess we're all in this together. Anyway, it was real good to get in touch with everyone. I hope that we all can still meet up like that in five years time.

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Steven said...

when does this place even exist O_o beside our school some more!! wooh!! next time our gathering place will be her for sure!!