Sunday, 4 January 2009

Misi Orang Asli

Well I'm glad to have this opportunity to attend this trip. This mission trip was organized by PERKEB (my uni CF). It was really a great eye-opener and an adventerous experience. The number of volunteers was so great that we had to split into 2 teams. Each team about 10 to 11 people entering only to one kampung. The kampung which I had a chance to go was Kampung Sungai Bil. It was quite a typical village. Quite modern in fact. They have astro and some do have cars but those are the villagers who are richer. However, the people there are still living a simple life. We spent in that village for a week. Praying with and for them, doing some community work, sharing the gospel with them and also playing with the kids. We stayed, cooked and bathed at the church. The church there was our home. We took turns to cook and boy was it fun. We tried many new dishes or at least I forced them into trying. Haha... Frying apple and potatoes with egg is very delicious. Not only that, I got to try cooking wild boar meat which the villagers hunted for us. It was real tasty. Hehe... My most memorable experience would be the time when we door to door to share the gospel. It was real tough for me but I learnt a lot from that day. It was not easy sharing the gospel in Malay for me but I thank God that we have people who do speak very fluent Malay in our time. Since we were there, a lot of things happenned. I accidentally injure myself for the first 3 days. Besides that, many of our group fell sick. Some really were tormented by evil spirits. I remembered that one night we prayed for so long that I didnt know it was late because I just wanted to continue praying on and on. It was really a great experience. The last few days there, we spent some time going on visitation, singing carols, playing and teaching the kids. It was real joy to see the kid's smile on their faces. At the end of the week, we were all tired and sick but we were really happy. For me, I was overjoyed for I got the chance to share the gospel and we managed to save 4 souls. Praise be to God!


Steven said...

good to hear that you enjoy your trip there =) how's your friend now, the one that was disturbed by the evil celebrate your birthday here too right??
God has his plan and his plan was to send you there to invite more people to his kingdom =) hope the soul you save get to know HIM more ^_^

p/s: get a chatbox for people to post message on ur blog..

Fusion16 said...

aha... found ur blog at long last...