Monday, 22 June 2009

3rd Semester Ends

Wow so long i've not be blogging. I guess probably I'm too lazy and also i was busy. My 3rd semester is finally ending. This week is my last week. This week is actually my final exam week so practically my 3rd sem ends this thursday and I can't wait. At last I can go back home. The sad part is I only will be home for only a week and I'm back in uni to start my 2nd year 1st semester. Oh well I still thank God that I can go back for a week. Time does really fly by very fast. I just finished my first year. My goodness, 3 years left. Pretty soon I'm going to graduate already. Oh well this 3rd semester was kind off like a break to me. I think I went to mid valley once a week just to watch a movie. never in my life have I watched so many movies. Let's see, first was Night At The Museum 2, then Terminator then was 17 Again. I think I'll be watching Transformers 2 this week. Although the many assignments in such short time I still thank God for His mercies. i also was at least able to set my priorities right for next semester. Thank God for my good results too.

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