Monday, 22 June 2009

Kampar Mission Trip

Last Wednesday I went down to Kampar on a mission trip. I went to help Pst Nicky and his team for a Welcoming Party for the new students of UTAR and KTAR in Kampar. I followed a group from Nottingham. There were 8 Nigerians and 1 Kenyan. i knew them because we are all church members in Kajang. So I really enjoy myself working with them. It was great to see how talented they are. I also learned a lot from them especially in their culture and language. The Welcoming Party was a successful one. In all worked out fine eventhough with last minute practices. It was made possible because God's hands was upon the whole event. We targeted for 50 students to attend but ending up with 170 students. To God be the glory. It was really a nice night. I've learned a new song and 2 African songs. Haha... I really enjoyed myself. Kampar reminded me of my home town. Although I was so near to Ipoh, I couldn't go back for the weekend because I'd presentation today so have to prepare for it. But can't wait to go back next week....

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