Thursday, 5 February 2009

National Lasallian Leader's Convention 2009

It's been a long time since I've blogged. Well so let's continue with my activities that I was involved in during my December holidays. After my orang asli camp I attended the 18th National Lasallian Leader's Convention 2009 back in Ipoh. This is my second time being the organizing team for this convention. This year I felt that it was a bit different. It was free and very positive feeling. Not sure why. I guess is the group. Less tension in the air. Haha... anyway this year the theme for our convention is 'Break Walls. Build Bridges'. It means that we have to break our own personal walls that are hindering us from reaching out to build bridges with one another and with the society. Actually, convention is held every year and is actually a camp for the leaders of our Lasallian schools in Malaysia and Singapore. It's a great place to meet new faces and learn new experience. Eventhough I was the organizing team, I also had learnt a lot of things about myself. The main thing that I've learnt was to appreciate life and live life to the fullest. It seems to me that this holiday I've been learning this a lot. First from MOA, now from convention. Hmm... I guess is sign. Haha... So people do remember to never judge people and build a wall around you. Learn to let go of the past and start looking forward to the future. Continue to break walls and build bridges.

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Lisa ^^, said...

Live life to the fullest bro!! haha
p.s: You look pretty good in batik! XD