Tuesday, 10 March 2009

God's Promises

Today was going to be busy day for me. At least that's what I thought. I had 4 tutorials, 1 quiz, 1 interview, 1 mid sem exam tomorrow and 1 more class at night. It was really a real pack day for me. However I really thank God. I prayed for HIm to help me through and guess what, He did. 3 of my tutorials were cancelled today. I had more time to study for my exam tomorrow. Praise God!! Then for my interview I was really nervous. While walking to PTSL for my interview, there was this majestic rainbow in the sky. It was really a wonderful sight. A very clear rainbow in the sky. This is really calm me a lot and thank God that He is a merciful and loving God. His promises are always Yes and Amen. The rainbow signifies a covenent between God and Noah that God would not flood the whole earth again. To me, the rainbow signifies that God is with me side to side. His always there in my busy, happy, lazy, sad or depressed times. I really thank God for His promises. He will never break His promises. Continue to trust in Him. Never ever let Him go...

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