Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Highlanders Utophia

Last weekend, my college had a family day event. In the sense of family means the people staying in college. Haha... Anyway, we organized a whole bunch of events but sadly not many people turn up. Mainly because it's a long weekend as Monday is a public holiday. Not only that on Saturday night when the first day events were over, somebody sabotage our tents by lighting the curtains on fire. I wonder why. For now, no one knows who did it and we cant simply point fingers at anyone without any hard evidence. During the two days many activities were conducted like Explorace, Larian Highlanders, Metal Chef, Highlanders Idol and many more. There were a lot of booths set up too. Many drinks stall and food stalls. Besides that, Nokia set up a booth and gave away a lot of free goodies. Too bad I didnt get to win the phone. I came late. They were giving 3 Nokia N-series phone for free. For free!!! And all you have to do was just play some games and earn stamps. Better luck next time I guess. Oh yeah...there was this fish spa booth. Very cheap. RM 5 for 20 minutes. It was my second time doing it and it's real nice. Some of my friends said it was ticklish and one said that the feeling was like a million ants crawling at your leg. For me, it was nice. Felt like bubbles running up to your leg. Really enjoyed it. At the end of the weekend, I was real tired. Thank God that the next day is a public holiday so I could rest...

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