Sunday, 13 September 2009

God's Many Blessings

Just last Wednesday I fell sick again. In the midst of my mid sem I fell sick. Seems to be the same every year..oh well. However, God has been faithful and He showered many blessings upon me. I came down with a flu, fever and a cough. All symptoms of H1N1. At first, I was scared. Many thoughts came through my mind. But at the back of my head I know that God will heal and protect me. Thank God is not H1N1. Just a common flu. But God bless me with many good friends. They bless me with food, fluids and medication. Too much food in fact. It can help me keep myself full for many days. Thank you all. By Friday, my fever was gone and now only left with a stuffed nose..hehe...God's promises never fails...Amen!!!

1 comment:

Lisa ^^, said...

I hope you're feeling better BenBen !!! It doesn't seem right to see you all bundled up in a sweater and heavy clothing !! Macam kat winter land jer :P

I miss ya !! I'll be praying for ya !! :)