Thursday, 9 September 2010

A Day Out

Had a great day yesterday. Went out from afternoon to late night. I had a great time watching movie, hanging out with friends and also singing karaoke with my bro and friends. It was quite a tiring day but it was just to relax and enjoy everyone's company. Step Up 3 was super super good (highly recommended if you like dancing shows). The story line wasn't that great but the dance moves were super awesome. I hope to learn the dances in the movie (won't be background in break dancing or any dance at all...hehe...) Karaoke session was good but tiring. We sang for 6 hours and it was just the 5 of us. It was expensive though because it was night session and they offered free buffet dinner (the food was actually very good), so we ate our money's worth. We really ate and sang our hearts out. We really let go of everything and just had fun (singing and dancing, jumping and screaming...haha...). Now I'm back in my bro's house in Rasa. Can't wait to see my family tomorrow as they will be coming here as well. We will surely have a lovely holiday...

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