Friday, 1 October 2010


Well a lot of people has been asking me am I that busy. Well in fact I'm also not sure why am I so packed with things...haha...But I would admit that I am busy. I guess because it's approaching end of semester and many assignments and replacement lab have pretty much filled up my time. Not only that, my CF is about to end which means many things have to be done. I guess I just want to take a rest. Not really burning out but just tired. Well today had a been a good reminder by my friends and leaders. I should take a break but just for a while and focus back on God. In Him will I find my source of strength. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and surely He will bless me. Thank You, Lord for the reminder.

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carol marol said...

hey yo!!! :D 1 Tim 6:12-16.. a good friend of mine said that fight the good fight of the faith aite.. yeah pls do find rest :D

it's just great to take a break sometimes.. *sighwithme* haha :D

have a break have a big kit kat!! :D