Thursday, 7 October 2010

Masa Allah

Masa Allah what a nice word to hear. If you join the words and read it goes like this 'masalah'. So every time you are faced with a problem remember that God is there. It's God's time. He cares for us so much even the littlest of details. So whatever problem you faced be it big or small, He still wants us to draw close to Him and trust in Him. This whole week has been a hectic one for me. As the semester is ending soon, lecturers have been giving many last minute work like assignments and lab reports. Not only that, my car broke down again. Oh well, I guess it was a test of faith. The miraculous thing is that my car got fixed by itself. Thank You Lord. I hope and pray that the car is completely heal. I now know that God was trying to answer my prayer. I just need to depend in Him. Even though I may not be a good Christian but that doesn't mean that God loves me less. He loves everyone the same which is a whole lot.

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Raymond Yapp said...

Great to heard your car is fix. will continue pray on it. cheer up bro xD