Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Miracle Suree

It's been one week since my car broke down. The good thing is that it fixed by itself. The night on the way for my exam, my car broke down at the traffic light. Just suddenly everything went down. I could not even start the car after that. Then I thank God for my house mates who lend me their car to drive to exam and they helped me push the car to the petrol station. They even called the mechanic for me but the mechanic could only come in the morning. Well during the exam I was focusing more on the car then my paper. Oh well...it's done anyway. Then the next morning I went with the mechanic to see my car and guess what...it worked!!! The mechanic try to see what's the problem but said there was nothing wrong with it. Everything is fine. So I said what to do now and his statement was just drive la...if break down again then only call...haha...So it's been a week from that day and my car is perfectly fine. Amen!!! I've kind off got tired of fixing my car. (FYI..my car is already 13 years old) I pray that the car will last me another 2 years!!!
My faithful car 'Suree'

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