Saturday, 29 August 2009

Roller Coaster Ride

Wow just realise that I've not been blogging for quite some time. Been quite busy with I'm not sure what. I myself am not really sure what happen to all my free time. The first batch of assignments are due this week so it's crunch time again. My labs for one subject is done only 2 more labs to go I think. Just when you thought that the assignments period had ended, I thought wrong. Next week is my mid sem exams and the second batch of assignments has just come in and is piling up. The whole week has been a emotional rollercoaster for me. At the first day of the week, my bro told me some bad news. Then just when I finish talking to him, my mom called and told me to pray for a problem. During the week, a friend of mine was having an up and down crisis. One minute that person is scolding and blaming me. Then the next minute it was like nothing ever happen. Now at the end of the week, we are no longer speaking to one another and I really dont know why. But I would like to ask for your help in prayer and also in suggestions. I really cant do this own my own. I was so hurt with things that the person had said and I know that we should no take things to our hearts but I just cant help it. How can someone blame you for things you've never even done. And all the times I've been helping out that person. I sometimes just want to tell that person off but I scared that it will hurt that person feelings. I just feel that it is very unfair to the rest of us who have been caring and helping for that person and in the end get shoot back at. Anyway, I really dont know what to do. All I can do is being reminded to continue to pray for that person and myself. SO WHAT SHOULD I DO??? Am I too kind/naive that people always take advantage of me? Why do I always have to face people like this(for this is not my first time)? Is God trying to teach me something from this? So many questions are running through my head. I hope and pray that someone can help me in my dillema. I know at the end God will be there for me and I know that His love will never fail.

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wan sian said...

just read ur blog... i have something in my mind... God looks what we have in our hearts... u re vy kind... if u re doing something good out of sincerity... i think it shud be a right thing..1Jn3:7, do not let anyone to lead u from doing something good...The righteousness will win... maybe there are some misunderstanding within u and ur fren..n no one understands u more than urself..will pray for u ya..:)