Sunday, 9 August 2009


This sem I've 14 labs to do. Every week at least I have 2 labs. The lab reports have to hand in at least 3 days to one week after we've done the experiment. The labs this year are quite interesting. Finally we get to do surveying which is quite tiring and tedious but yet fun. Our environment lab let us test how clean our Faculty lake is. To my surprise the water in the lake is as clean as distilled water. Can you imagine that? The lake water is brown in colour and yet when we test is super clean. It's safe to drink and swim in it. I guess the phrase don't judge a book by it's cover is really proven. The other labs are for fluid mechanics which we experiment about water pressure in pipes and weirs(dams). All in all the labs are really fun but the reports are madness. So many graphs and calculations to do. Luckily we always manage to finish on time. Thank God!!!
Reflux for 2 hours
This chemicals is added and then titrated to test the Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD)

Land Surveying

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