Monday, 31 August 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia

Today our beloved country celebrate its 52 years of independence. Happy birthday Malaysia. I can't believe it that Malaysia is 52 years old. I thought after living together for 52 years, we all would change our mindsets. However, sadly enough we still stereotype our neighbours based on their skin colour, religion and status. How can we live as one nation when we are all trying to outdo each other or trying to get rid of each other. In my school days(make me sound so old..haha...) my friends and I could get along very well. No such things as Malays, Chinese or Indians. We were Malaysians. We played galah panjang, football, aci duduk, ice and water and all the games kids usually play. We couldnt be bothered on what race or religion, we just played and have fun. But nowadays, times have changed. I guess the advancement in technology has changed the mindsets of people. Children rather spend time on their computer than playing with their neighbours and friends. In uni, people usually hang out with their own race only. This really was a big culture shock for me. A lot of my coursemates felt weird of me that I mix with other races. Is that a crime? I've been raised like that. Besides, we are Malaysians, not Malays, Chinese and Indians. What about our East Malaysian friends? People tend to brush them off aside thinking that they are not bright or slow. I know I'm kind off criticizing Malaysia right now, but don't get me wrong. I still am proud to be a Malaysian. It's just that these are issues that are yet to be settled then in the past and now in the present. As we celebrate our 52 years of independence, let us reflect back on how our unity got us thus far. Let us stop trying to win each other but work together towards Vision 2020. We should continue to live in harmony and respect one another. We must remember that we are Malaysians, 'Satu bangsa, Satu Negara' MALAYSIA BOLEH!!! Happy Birthday Malaysia!!!