Saturday, 29 August 2009

40 Days Fast and Prayer

The whole 40 days fast and prayer for our nation is coming to an end. This is my first time which I'd fasted facebook. a thousand apologies for people who have invited me to events and added me as a friend. These 40 days have been a blessing to me and I hope that I would learn to fast and pray even more. As we have prayed for our nation, I'm sure that God hears our prayers and will heal our land. As long as we continue to intercede for our nation, God will continue to shower His blessings upon this nation. Last Thursday, my CF had Hari Doa (Prayer Day). We gathered all Christians in UKM to pray for ourselves, our uni and also for our nation. It was really a powerful night and I know that our prayers would be answered. Yesterday night we had a combine churches prayer meeting. Congregation from all churches in Kajang gathered to pray for our country. It was really good. I would like to post a picture which I took at my church. it's a painting done by an Israelian. There was no theme. He said it was up to us on how to interpret it. So I would like you all to interpret it in your own way. There's no right or wrong answers. Your interpretation need not to biblical too. Just only what you see and what's impressed in your heart. Hehe...

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