Friday, 6 February 2009

Activites! Assignments!

Well as I start a new semester, I knew that this semester is going to be very tiring for me. I'm so busy with activities and assignments. I really thank God for always seeing me through. This semester I've been joining too many activities I think. I'm so stressed at times but I thank God for giving me friends. So far we started our MMK practices (Malam Muzikal Krismas) and is already making me tense. I'm incharge of the performances and getting people to join is not easy. With just 3 weeks to practice and lack of man power, all I could do was pray and leave it all to God. God is truly great!!! Now MMK is just one week away and everything seems to be going on fine although there are a few setbacks but I know that God is in control. Besides the MMK, I also to be incharge of a Pangkor trip, two college dinners and a mega college activity. I was so tied up that I barely have enough rest. To add to my busy schedule, I also have tutorials, labs and a report to do. Wow!!! I really do need God's help and guidance. But luckily, He is always there. I finally resigned fomr one of the activities for I know I couldn't take it anymore. Too much pressure. I do hope that everything else will move on fine. I must remember that the main important thing was to always seek God in everything that I do.

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Lisa ^^, said...

I salute you Ben-ben...The energy to run around and do what you've been doing especially with MMK is truly God-given...Trust that God will give you the wisdom to choose carefully what to participate in..Keep praying for your health alright? And syabas to you and the team for keeping everything together!! I KNOW that MMK is gonna be more than what we expect :)