Friday, 6 February 2009

Is life that short?

Today I had a big hit with reality. This evening I received some tragic news, my course mate had passed away due to lung cancer. Wow...imagine that, just 20 years old and no more life. It made me wonder what if I were to go off today, did I lived the life that I wanted? Did I take things for granted? Would God be pleased with what I've done so far? A lot of questions when through my mind. It was like this event is reminding me to take time and reflect. Reflect on what I've done in my life. Am I happy with it? I know that whatever it is, we must not waste time to do what we can do today. Do not procrastinate. Just live life to the fullest. I really thank God for keeping me safe each day. So remember to always be thankful with what you have. You never know when it would be taken away from you.


Lisa ^^, said...

Occasionally God gives us a wake-up call to remind us how precious life is, how fragile it is. Thank God for His little reminders to keep us trusting Him and strengthen our faith in Him. :)

Lisa ^^, said...

p.s: Waa, you hebat wo...So long time nothing suddenly got 5 posts at once. haha XD