Monday, 18 May 2009

3rd Semester

How nice to have holidays finally after the whole three weeks of exams. But the sad part is that I had to take 3rd semester which starts like 4 days after my exams. Anyway, I did go back home to run some errands and caught up with some friends. On the 11th of May, I'm back in uni again. Back to the shifting of things and the cleaning of a new room. This time I'll be staying in the seniors block which is like 1 person to 1 room. So I kind of like it. I have my own private place. Haha... anyway the bad part of the room is that it's so hot in the evening and at night due to the fact that my room faces the evening sun. So the heat is trapped in my room and it's not well-ventalated. Seeing my timetable so far, I have classes everyday except on Thursdays and all my classes are in the mornings. I have no labs and yet to have assignments so I'm kind of free. It's a good thing though, it means I can spend more time with God. I hope no distractions. I really want a closer relationship with Him...

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