Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Worship Central

Yesterday I went to the Worship Central Conference in Damansara Utama Methodist Church(DUMC). It was hosted by Tim Hughes and Al gordon. It was a real wonderful experience. Honestly at first, I went there to listen Tim and Al sing but in the end I was there to praise God. God's presence was so strong there and I was so happy to see hundreds just singing and praising God. Tim and Al shared their own testimony and words of encouragement to keep on worshipping and serving God. Worship has the power to change the world and amazing things can happen when we worship. We have to have courage to be passionate, courage to be pure and run the race with perseverance. We must always look at the prize and that is Jesus Christ. For those who are in the music ministry, we must not fall into temptations. Worship leaders are not stars but servants. God wants servants and not stars. So remember that God should be everything in our lives. Everything that we do should glorify God be it in our studies, our thinking, our speaking and our actions. God must always be there. If you put God first, I'm sure that He'll continue to bless you...

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