Monday, 18 May 2009

A Weekend Holiday

As I really have nothing to do, I decided to go on a trip last weekend. I went to Genting Highlands with my friends and had a blast. We went on Friday morning by bus and reaching at Genting itself in the afternoon. We checked in to put in our bags and off to the theme park. We played everything and until the theme park closes. Then it was dinner and off to play the indoor theme park. We played indoor until 12am and off to supper. Then after that we went night sight-seeing and took loads of pictures throughout the day. Then we went back to the room around 2am and started playing cards until 3.30am. Then we bathe and went to sleep. The next day another friend and I went for the buffet breakfast. Since we had 7 of us who are there and only 2 could go, we had to sneak out some food. I really felt weird like I was a mother bird finding food to feed the chicks. Haha... We wrapped food and stuffed it into my bag and brought it up to the room. Everyone had breakfast and we went to Ripley's. I think this is my 7th time going in. Do I still want to go in again. Maybe not for the time being until they add more stuffs. But I went along cause most didn't go in before. After that we checked out and went back to Kajang. Well at least all of them did except me. I went to KL Central. I was going to KLCC to meet up with my brother. My brother is here in KL for an exhibition cum competition. I was so happy to meet him. He took me to the hotel and we rested. He was going for a dinner later and I had to eat on my own. I didn't mind. I had something quick and got back to the room to rest. When he came back we talked and watched movies until it was time to sleep. The next day when he went for the exhibition, I went to PetroScience in KLCC. It was really worth it. I have always wanted to go for it and I finally got the chance. I really enjoyed myself. I spent in there for more than 3 hours. Then I went for lunch and helped my brother to pack up. Next, I took the train back to Kajang. Suddenly when I reach KL Central again there was an announcement saying that the KTM was out-of-order. I prayed hard and thank God that it was down for 10 minutes. Then I came back to the room and fell asleep. I was really tired. I'm really happy that I had a good weekend. Thank you Lord...but the thing is I'm broke...Haha...

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jlwh86 said...

Yes Genting rocks

Esp the "I really felt weird like I was a mother bird finding food to feed the chicks. Haha..."