Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Suddenly felt like doing a post about my family. I have a wonderful family. Though each of us have flaws but we do have our strengths too and these help us to stay united. Most importantly, the person that binds us all together is God himself. My family consists of my parents, my brother, me and my additional family member, my pet dog. Haha... I really thank God for giving me such wonderful parents. They nurtured and cared for me with all they have. At times you do wish to have other people's parents but in the long run no parents are better than your own parents. Besides, God had put me into this family and so I must live and love it. Parents may be annoying at times like asking every single detail of happenings in your life and they still treat you as a little child eventhough we are all grown up. But that is the way how they express love and affection. Have you ever thought of how they feel when they scold us? I think they are hurting inside too but they have no choice. As the saying goes, spare the rod, spare the child. So they discipline us to become better human beings when we grow up. My mom is like my best friend. We both tell each other everything. My dad is a good choice maker for other people except himself. I mean that he wants his children to grow up to have a better life than him. He doesn't want us to make the same mistake he did. He is also a very good cook. Next is siblings. I have a very good brother. Yes, as siblings we do quarrel but it will only last like 5 minutes. Don't remember fighting with him pyhsically though, only in words. At times is hard being the youngest in the family. When you see your brother doing so well in life and people start comparing you with him, it's way stressful. But it also got me to think how does he feel? Being the eldest is not easy either. He has to be more responsible and has to set pars for the younger to follow. For me I think being the eldest would be hard. Anyway, I really thank God that He had helped us through bad times and through good times. Though we may have our ups and downs, but we journey life together as one. Don't always complain about your family, you have only one family so live to love them. Everyone has their own imperfections but together you can help each other. Stop thinking about the 'What if' and start thinking about 'How to'. Live your life to the fullest. Your family is the greatest gift that God has given to you...

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