Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Of Exams and Movies!!

After 3 weeks of exams, today is finally my last paper. I should be studying but I've no mood to study already. Instead, here am I blogging about it. Haha...not a good thing to do. Maybe I've no mood because today's my last paper. Besides that, I'll be going back home today also. I really can't wait. Although I just went back two weeks ago, if I don't go back now, I've no other time already. Unfortunately, I'm compulsory to take third semester for my course requires it. Well, so I'll be back to uni life in less than a week. Anyway, for this last paper I'm really not sure why I've no mood. Just last weekend, I went to watch 2 movies. X-Men Origins : Wolverine and also Friday the 13th. Personally, both shows are very good. I really liked both of them. There are still many movies which I want to watch but no time and no money. Haha... After today, I realised I finished 1 year of studies already. Imagine that, how time flies so fast. Thank God for seeing me through this whole year. I continue to pray that God will help me throughout my studies here in uni. Thank God for His abundance blessings and for giving great friends. I hope that all of you would be grateful for what He has done for you so far. Always be thankful and never complain. Then you'll see how wonderful is He.


Lisa ^^, said...

Yo. Wanna watch Wolverine too!! Why nobody teman de?? Sooooo saaaad :'(

Anonymous said...

watching movies is nice! =P