Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Eye on Malaysia

I finally gotten the chance to visit the Eye on Malaysia in Titiwangsa lake before it shuts down and goes to Melaka. The scenery was nice. A big huge wheel just planted in the middle of a lake. I went with my churchmates from KAOG (Kajang Assembly Of God- the church that I'm now attending here in UKM). We went in the evening and waited till night to watch the laser show and see the night lights. We also saw the most facinating public toilet. It's like the public toilet of the future. The doors slides open by a push of a button. You clapped then the tap turns on. We paid 20cents each just to see the toilet eventhough some of us need not have to go. Haha... really like few ulu people havent see a toilet before. Anyway, the main purpose was to sit the wheel and enjoy the scenery from up above. The 8 of us squeeze into one gondola and we went round and round for 15 minutes. One member was afraid of heights and didnt know that it was so high that she freaked out and all of us have to calm her down. But we couldnt stop it from going round and round, right? Up there you cant really see much things at night. I think it would be better going up on the evening. At night, all you can see is pitch darkness. Pure black. The only thing that stands out are the Twin Towers and KL tower. Other than that there's nothing much to see. Oh well, at least if people asked whether I've gone in before at least I could say yes.

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