Monday, 13 October 2008

SUKEM Marching

In uni there's also something like sports day and guess what there's also marching. I thought my marching days were over. I guess I was wrong. Every first year student have to represent your own college in this marching competition. So I had to join. It was kinda tedious. Every night we would practice from 10pm to 1am. The next day when I went to class I would be yawning away. At that night of the competition, I got to meet up with Siew Wei and Shu Xuan. We all were glad to see each other. Anyway, my college came in 4th out of it wasn't that bad I guess. But I got a scar on my face that until now it's still there. Now I look like a cat. The reason, our seniors used black shoe polish on our faces to make us look like warriors. Well....

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