Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Street Feeding

Last saturday, PERKEB went to do a community service. We took a bus from Bangi all the way to Pudu Raya to do street feeding. It was a long journey. Took us an hour and a half to reach that place. But it was worth the trip. We became volunteers to distribute the food and drinks to the homeless people. The food and drinks were prepared by church volunteers from DUMC. They had praise and worship first before giving the people the free food. I guess it's a good way to evangelise. There was also an in-house doctor which gave free medicine to the people. After that, we helped clean up and we stayed back to chat with some of the people. I spoke to a man who is in his late fifties. He was from Ipoh and he lives on the streets of KL. Everyday he survive by the free food from all these societies and churches. That man was from Ipoh too. He used to stay in Menglembu until his children kicked him out of the house. Sad to say but nowadays young people rarely appreciate their parents. He adviced us not to ever give your property to your children unless you are about to die. So he came to KL to find a job. He used to work in Petaling Street. Helping someone to sell things. But now since there's too much competition, it closed down. So now he just walk along the streets of KL finding things which can be sold like cardboard, cans and metals. He got used to it already. He said he thanked God everyday that he is still alive. As we talked more, I realise how lucky I am. How fortunate and how bless I am now. So I should not complain and be content with what I have. I would gladly go for street feeding again next year. It was a good community service...

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