Tuesday, 14 October 2008

PPSM Merdeka Outing

PPSM is my college library. It stands for Persatuan Pusat Sumber & Maklumat. Well I joined it because I would like to stay in college next year. So this is one way to get merit. The weekend before Merdeka we had an outing at my faculty's lake. We just had games and team-building session. We also managed to paint a very very long Malaysia flag that took us 2 hours to finish it. After that we had building competition, eating competition, patriotism competition and lastly water games. The water games are always the fun part. It was even better when we played it under the rain. So no choice, everybody would get wet. All in all I had fun eventhough I was the only chinese who went for the outing. Malay students are really very nice and friendly...

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