Monday, 13 October 2008

Phuket Trip

Yup I finally got to use my passport. Haha... Anyway it was my mom's annual office trip. Last year was sarawak this year was phuket. Of course didn't want to waste this chance so I followed my mom eventhough I had to skip classes. Well.. you win some you loose some...haha... The trip was quite fun la. We ate a lot of seafood and tomyam. All the food is mostly sweet, spicy and sour all mixed together. Of course Phuket is famous for its island and beaches and it was really a beautiful scene to look at. At night, we would walk along the beach at the night market. In Phuket, you are allowed to bargain but when you start to bargain make sure you buy the thing. If not, the shop owner would chase you down the street until you purchase it. Phuket is also very 'interestin' (if you know what I mean). There's different places or streets for different 'kinds' of people. The last night, we got to visit this place called 'Fantasea Island'. It's like an entertainment place to know the history and culture of Phuket and Thailand. It was really interesting. Not only that I got to have an elephant ride. It was a lovely experience. It was a slow but scary ride. Each step the elephant took you felt like falling down. But pity the elephant. Sometimes the rider would hit the elephant's head with a stick if it does not follow orders. Besides the elephant ride, there was any interesting activity that I did. Overall it was a so-so vacation but at least I got the chance to go oversea. Haha...

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