Saturday, 11 October 2008

Family Gathering Camp 2008

The date was 30th August 2008, we packed our bags and await for our carriage to come. One by one it came and took us away to a beautiful place called 'Golden Sands Port Dickson'. Anyway, it was a Family Gathering Camp for my uni Christian Fellowship better known as PERKEB. The camp was super awesome. It was fun, crazy and the best thing was that God was there with us throughout the camp. His presence was really so so strong. Our camp speaker was Bro. Michael and he thought us on how to reach out to our Muslim friends. It was really interesting when we got to learn what the Islam really believe in. We learned how to connect Christianity and Islam so that we can learn to reach out. Besides the sessions, we also had a lot of fun playing and praying. The games conducted by the OTs were very great. Never had that type of games before. Not only that, we got to pray for our beloved country, Malaysia in conjunction of our Independence Day. The last night we had group presentations and my group got second. The group presentations were really funny and good. Overall, the camp was super fun eventhough I fell sick during the camp and the next day after camp was my mid-sem exam. God really took care of me and saw me through the test. Thank God. Thank you OTs for organizing such a good, great, memorable camp.

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